A Better Chance Preschool

Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. We appreciate your interest and hope that you find what you need below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us.


How can I contact you?

  All our contact information is on our Home Page including address, phone, and fax. If you would like to contact us via E-mail, just click the E-mail button at any time.

What kind of meals do you serve?

  We try to serve only organic vegetables. At times a list of your childs favorite foods may be requested as we try to please everybody. Foods with sugars are avoided, except for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Weekly menu is posted for parents. Meals consist of Milk, 2 Vegetables or fruit, Grain/grain alternate and Meat/meat alternate. We have breakfast, snack, lunch, and snack.

How long have you been taking care of children?

  I started when I had my first child in 1981. I have not stopped looking, in wonderment, at the way a child grows and develops ever since my first was born. I have two of my own and have helped raise some 100 children. The learning never stops, they are all different and all the same. Each needs love, challenges, consistency and good communication between provider and parents.

How do you reach children of different ages?

  The program is balanced to ensure each child's success. Activities are designed to engage the children's attention and enthusiasm. If a younger child wants, they may go on to something else of interest. The building is designed with that thought in mind and plenty of room. The child can be observed at all times and has many activities from which to choose.

What subjects are covered through the year?

  It would be impossible to list everything covered during a year. I do a lot of Emerging Curriculum. This means as the children have questions, I have the resources to help them find the answer. A quick summery would include, Apples, Transportation, All about Me, Fire Safety, Election, Fall, Pumpkins, Five Senses, Thanksgiving, Healthy Habits, Holidays, President, Winter, Martin Luther King, Groundhog Day, Dental Health, Presidents' Day, Healthy Food, Pairs, Spring, Baby Animals, Earth Day, Rhyming Words, Water, Frogs and Toads, Opposites, then to Summer Safety. Contents area are Social Studies, Science and Language Arts. Phonemic Awareness. Assessments with Weekly Reader, visual Discriminations, Counting and recognizing numbers, Following Directions, Analizing Pictures, Making Decisions, Recognizing likenesses and differences, Completing Patterns, Acquiring Vocabulary, Sequencing, Writing Numerals, Classifying, Recognizing Fact and Fantasy, Recalling Details, Using a simple Graph, Demonstrating Phonic Awareness, Comparing and Contrasting, and Analyzing Pictures.