A Better Chance Preschool

Welcome to our Activities Page! We offer a number of services designed to meet your highest expectations.


Education in a warm and loving home!

  We study Language Arts, learn words in English, French and Spanish, read Weekly Reader, have group story-telling, learn numbers and math, Science, (including the weather and Biology), music, drawing and painting, writing using the D'Nealian method, colors & shapes, the Manual Alphabet and we incorporate the use of our computer, which has WindowsXP.


  Physical development is a school focus. Individual units target coordination, motor skills, exercise, yoga, body safety, tying shoes, visual discrimination, and fire safety.

Social & Moral

  Show & Tell is a favorite at A Better Chance! Each child is allowed to bring no more than 2 items to school on any given day, which they share with the rest of the group. Citizenship, etiquette, teamwork and personal responsibility are enstilled through lessons and "trial and error". Personal ethics and violence prevention are taught, with field trips that compliment our unit (by permission only).

Meals and Snacks

  We are a member of the USDA food program and serve tasty, nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. This school is fully governed by the state.

Parental Education

  We are proud to offer parents a variety of educational services, including an annual First Aid and C.P.R. certificate course presented by the American Heart Association. There are numerous reference books available for lending to parents with questions or cercerns that they may have about their child's development. Articles, T.V. specials and other resources are on-site as well. Ms. Erin has been caring for children for over 22 years, and is an excellent sourse of information and advice.

Get Ready To Read Assessment Tools

  Reading experts and researchers agree that certain types of knowledge and skills are necessary for success in learning to read and write. Children who develope stronger skills in these areas have greater success in learning to read. They are: Print Knowledge, Emergent Writing, and Linguistic Awareness. The screening tool samples knowledge and skills in the three areas. I then provide information, activities, and resources that will help children become successful and enthusiastic readers.